Asom Gana Parishad (AGP): Party Origin

AGP (Asom Gana Parishad) is a party born out of the six year long Assam movement that sought to protect the interest of the genuine residents of Assam irrespective of their caste and creed. It naturally believes in the principles of Secularism, Egalitarian Democracy and Equality of all communities in our multi-cultural India. At the time of its birth itself AGP articulated its opposition to the path of development pursued by the centripetal forces of India leading to uneven development.

The party is aware of the fact that successive Congress governments in the centre never paid any attention to the smaller nationalities in the periphery of the country. The neglected communities of India like the residents of Assam (the Assamese as distinct from the Asomiya) can hope to find their rightful place in India only if they pursue the politics of regionalism which refers to an ideology which challenges the overriding political assumptions of the existing center-state relations in India. Regionalism in this sense implies that people inhabiting a region have common political goals that require them to work together to overcome the impediments created by the pursuance of political goals of a larger whole of which the region is a part. AGP therefore looks at Assam as a region and promises to work for the protection of all those who accept this state as their home land. "Decentralisation of Power", the true spirit of the constitution of India, is one of the basic aims of our philosophy of regionalism.

Now, world over small ethnic identities are striving to protect and preserve their identities through homelands of their own. Assam is our home land in the state of India. We shall work to strengthen both Assam and India by pursuing the ideology of Regionalism based on the principle of equal partnership of all small and big communities of India.